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Welcome to CCY Photography!

At Imagekind you can purchase our photography with some of the best quality paper being used today.  We come here with pure enjoyment of sharing our art.  From seascapes to inland barns, we capture what catches our eye.  We love taking pictures and we would love to have them in your home.

It's all about the landscapes and the beauty of Nova Scotia, Canada; with a little hint of our home land in Ontario, Canada that inspires us everyday with our photos.

We hope you make our art a part of your home and share with your family and friends.  What greater gift than one that comes from the heart, from you and us!  Always keep watch for our great discount events as well!

Please also feel free to visit our website at for more gift ideas!

Thank you for taking the time to tour through and if you have any questions we would be happy to assist.

Your friends, 

Christina and Charlie Young